Friday, March 10, 2017

Aspen Hill Library, ... What's Going On!

Anyone who enters the Aspen Hill library’s parking lot at this time will notice that the entire front portion of the pavement and the parking lot, which runs parallel to the library in a north–south direction, is totally under construction and that these areas are being reconfigured. Now that the library is closed for the refresh, work is underway to make the Library compliant with all ADA specifications as they pertain to the library.

newly laid concrete path through dirtA closer look at the work being done near the front entrance to the library will also reveal a pathway which leads from the entrance walkway to the “front” side of the building. As part of the refresh to the building, a book drop has been added to the right of the main entrance as one approaches that location. The pathway allows for customers to return library materials when the library is closed.

interior of a public restroomConstruction and refresh activities within the library continue as the various crews work towards the completion of tasks. The carpeting throughout the library is completed. Remember the pictures from the last blog that showed a completely gutted area of the public access bathrooms on the lower level? The public access bathrooms have been redesigned and add to the “refreshed” look that the entire physical space inside of the building is beginning to reflect.

Also being worked on are the data and power outlet drops, which are being relocated. I see the data and power drops as our other important additions, since they are a vital part of our links to the information access process. Add comfortable seating around these important utilities, and our library will induce you to spend even longer hours enjoying the environment.

Keep following our blog, … more to come!

Ken, Branch Manager,
Aspen Hill Library.