Friday, April 7, 2017

Aspen Hill … and the Covers Are Coming Off!

Sidewalk outside Aspen Hill LibraryA considerable portion of the front of the library, which abuts the general parking lot, has been repaved in concrete.  This area will also be fully landscaped with shrubbery and trees. This has added immensely to enhancing the library grounds in that area.

On the inside of the building, construction activity relating to the refresh project is almost at its end. While the contractors still have a few minor construction related items to complete, we are now at the point where we are beginning to take off the plastic covers which covered the collection during construction. I am delighted to report that our attention has now been turned towards preparing our entire collection, and the remainder of the library, for re-opening.

New tables, chairs, and carpeting
New replacement shelving and furniture have arrived for some sections of the library. A peek into the children’s area reveals new tables and chairs, which await our residents' return to the refreshed surroundings. Add new titles of books, updated Young Voyager and Little Explorer Go! Kits, and library programming to the mix, and the Aspen Hill Library will definitely be the place to be when it reopens.

New chairs and carpetingThe teens coming into the library will also be delighted to see an area which has been configured for them. In their space one finds a set-up which allows for relaxed use and enjoyment on an-ongoing basis.

New collaboration room doorsThe individual study/collaboration rooms which were mentioned in our post dated 2/17/17, are now completed. These will provide our customers with an enclosed space in which to work with another individual or to do work on their own. These will be available to our customers via online booking. Information pertaining to these can be found on the MCPL website on the webpage about Meeting Rooms and Collaboration Rooms.

There remains a lot still to be done. The furniture for different sections of the library is still being delivered. The information and circulation service desks have yet to arrive, but their spaces are completed and all is ready for their installation.   And yes, we are still waiting for a date when the staff can return to the building to prepare for the re-opening. We are getting there! The covers are off!

Keep following our blog, ... more to come!

Ken Lewis
Aspen Hill Library

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