Friday, May 19, 2017

Aspen Hill Library … And the Staff Returns!

Almost all the activity which is related to the construction/refresh at the Aspen Hill Library has ended, except for a few miscellaneous items. And now, with that phase completed, all of the Aspen Hill staff who have been functioning at the impacted libraries in the area, will be returning to their work location, Aspen Hill.

To that end, all of the Aspen Hill staff, functioning at the impacted branches, have been informed of a date of their return to the Aspen Hill Library. This is exciting news to many since the return of staff sets into motion the much anticipated question regarding the opening date for the library, which our Director will announce soon. To you our valued customers, I ask for your patience since there is a lot still to be done before we get to opening day.

Although the library has been closed for the refresh, the addition of new materials to the library’s collection has been ongoing, so that a varied assortment of new materials will be awaiting your return. All these will have to shelved before the doors are opened to welcome back our customers.  Additionally, the materials which have been boxed and stored so that construction and reconfiguration of areas within the library can occur will also have to be shelved. The task of making the library functional again can only occur with the presence of staff in the building, which makes the return of staff a necessary factor.

And what will staff be doing during the preparation stage? Apart from the re-shelving of material, staff will also be trained on new technologies, which will be introduced when the branch reopens from the refresh project. Digital signage monitors will be located in two areas within the branch. These monitors will display information about Montgomery County Public Libraries' programs, services, and materials, as well as Aspen Hill related information. We will have equipment so that you will be able to pay your fines and bills with a credit card.  Laptops will be available for you to use in the building, should you wish to take advantage of that option instead of using the public Internet PCs. Training to provide support to these services by library staff is indeed integral to our functioning and will be provided during the period of preparation for the reopening.

As always, the work continues and, with staff returning, we are indeed getting closer to opening day.

More to come! Please keep checking this blog!

Ken Lewis
Aspen Hill