Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Aspen Hill Library...Getting It Ready!!

Interior photo of Aspen Hill library featuring a full shelf of fiction books and comfy chairs
Just when we brought staff back into the building to prepare the collection and the branch for re-opening, the Montgomery County Department of General Services embarked on a lighting project throughout the building.  This was indeed a welcomed undertaking since it provided an improved degree of lighting to all our library users, in a space which had also been enhanced and improved upon.

We are happy to report that the lighting project was completed in a shorter time-frame than originally projected. This has allowed us to request the staff return to the branch this week to complete the job of preparing for reopening.
Interior photo of Aspen Hill library showing a low bookshelf, tables, and chairs

We are utilizing every minute of the time available to work on the miscellaneous tasks required to reopen the branch. The painters are presently painting sections of the fascia band around the roof, computers and copiers/printers are being installed for public use, the self-check units have been relocated to their new locations in the branch, remaining new furniture items are arriving, and our telephone lines and the equipment on the Information and Circulation Service Desks are being checked for functionality. We are working feverishly on “getting the library ready.”

Worker painting the fascia band just under the roof of Aspen Hill library
Landscaping to enhance the areas affected by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) work on the sidewalks, access ramp and parking lot spaces  is still in the works, with suggestions and recommendations still to be finalized and executed.

We are looking forward to welcoming the public for a midsummer opening.